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Sotokoto Magazine (Japan) - September Issue

Sotokoto September Issue - cover

Book featured  in Japanese lifestyle magazine, Sotokoto, September 2022 issue. Article by former professional Japanese surfing champion, Natsuki Suda, is part of a series titled "Sustainable Book Guide," featuring books recommended by movers and shakers in Japanese culture.

Article was published in print as well as on the internet including as a featured article on Yahoo! Japan.


フォトグラファーのClark Littleさんが実際に海に入り、サーファーでしか見られない視点で撮影した波の写真集です。海のおもしろさ、偉大さ、力強さを表していると思います。まずは海を「感じてみたい」方におすすめです。

"This photography collection is shot by photographer Clark Little, who goes into the shorebreak himself and photographs waves from a perspective only seen by surfers. I think it captures the fascination, greatness, and strength of the sea. The book is recommended to those who want to 'feel' the ocean."

Sotokoto, Natsuki Suda

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Sotokoto - book review

Yahoo Japan - Sotokoto article

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