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Clark's Video Blog

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Nov 30
Unexpected Whale Breach captured by Clark
Video footage of a surprise whale breach on the North Shore of Oahu (Hawaii) captured by Clark Little as he swam in the ocean. Crazy Shirts collaborates with Clark to design a special t-shirt titled "Soaring" – a photograph of the same whale breach.
Sep 25
Clark explains the photos in the 2022 Calendar
Clark Little walks through the 2022 Ocean Calendar and talks about each photo.
Jul 22
Run and Gun Technique
Clark Little showing the "Run and Gun" technique – run toward the wave, lay down on the sand in front, and then take a ride back up the beach.
May 03
North Swell in May
Great shorebreak waves during a late North Swell in May.
Apr 10
Crazy Shirts x Clark Little Collection Summer 2021
New collaborations with Clark Little and Crazy Shirts. Collection release in April, 2021.
Mar 02
A wave at sunset
Video shot from inside a wave at sunset.
Feb 11
Underwater Tornadoes
What you don't see underwater as a wave breaks and throws vortexes / tornadoes.
Jan 21
Dane Little video of Dad shooting
This is what it looks like to shoot the shorebreak (on the sand!) from behind Clark.
Dec 20
Beautiful foam wave
A foaming beauty breaking in shorebreak.
Dec 06
On the Sand
It's overhead and breaking right on the sand. Video by Jarret Lau.
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