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Clark's Video Blog

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Jun 04
Clark Little + Mike Stewart Viper Delta Surfing Fins Released
The newly released CLARK LITTLE Mike Stewart Delta Viper fins 2.0 are an asymmetric fin ideally suited for bodyboarding, bodysurfing and playing around in big shorebreak waves.
May 20
Spinner Dolphins on the West Shore
My son Dane and I out on a jetski on a glassy day with spinner dolphins.
Apr 28
Women's Boardshorts - Plumeria and Honu Kiss
New boardshorts from Clark Little Photography featuring Plumeria Flowers and Honu Kiss, two turtles "kissing" each other. $45 each.
Apr 23
Underwater Vortex Pictures
Clark explains his crazy underwater vortex shots he recently captured.
Feb 04
Analyzing waves in the shorebreak
Clark Little analyzing some fun waves in the shorebreak on Oahu's North Shore.
Jan 22
Hurley x Clark Little Collection: Lava
Hurley releases new collection Lava, displaying one of Clark's iconic photographs of Hawaiian lava flow.
Dec 27
New CL Tote Bags
New Tote Bags released by Clark Little, featuring RSI, Crystal Ball and Honu Kiss.
Nov 20
Shorebreak Surfing
Good, clean, shorebreak surfing. Surfers Uluboi and Kelson Lau. Film and edit by Peter King and Bunker King.
Nov 16
Dangerous Shorebreak
Running into the shorebreak on a recent morning.
Nov 06
Clark Q&A for Student Project
Q&A today over skype with some future legends Rossi and Cam for a school project they are working on.
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