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Media Videos

Feb 13
Outside TV - Clark Little TV Show
It’s time to Binge-Watch Shorebreak: The Series!!! All 10 episodes are now available Outside TV
Jan 26
Clark Little on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet
North Shore Hawaii wave photographer, Clark Little, featured on Daily Planet (Discovery Channel) segment.
Dec 20
Nikon TV Commercial
Nikon TV Commercial filmed at Makena Beach, Maui.
Dec 20
NIKON: Interviews
Photographing waves may sound like a cool way to spend the day as a photographer, but it is far from safe. ‘There are times I’ve been caught out in the ocean and I’ve wondered, am I gonna make it? I can’t breathe anymore… there comes another wave.
Nov 20
A day with Clark Little at Ke Iki Beach. The celebrated shorebreak photographer checks in from his North Shore office.
Oct 05
INERTIA Creators: Clark Little
Getting tossed around by shorebreak and slammed into the sand day after day is a rough go; Clark Little wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, for the North Shore local, it's all in a good day's work.
Aug 05
WEATHER CHANNEL: Weather Caught on Camera
Weather Channel show "Weather Caught on Camera" features Hawaii wave photographer Clark Little in Summer 2014.
Jan 06
CBS Evening News
CBS correspondent Chip Reid went to the North Shore of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu to watch Clark Little in action and grab an interview.
Oct 31
VICE - Shred-Ablity Series: Clark Little
For all its glory, the North Shore of Oahu is pretty conventional. Clark Little is one of the few photographers there who has been drawing his own lines since he started. We remember looking at photos of him surfing the Waimea shorebreak as a kid and wondering what the hell he was thinking. Now, ...
May 02
Hawaii Arukikata
ハワイ、オアフ島のノースショアを拠点にショアブレイク(大波)を撮影する写真家&アーティストのクラーク・リトル氏にインタビュー。撮影に使うカメラや、写真家になったきっかけなどを伺いました。 Interview with a wave photographer Clark Little from North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.