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SHOREBREAK (2014) - Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition is released as an edition of 500 signed and numbered. The special edition includes leather binding and a clamshell case. The 10"x10", 160 page book includes an 8"x8" aluminum print of the cover shot "Big Blue" (released as an edition of 500) which is only available with the Collector's Edition book. Over 100 photos including 65 two-page spreads. Shot on the North Shore and in California, Japan, French Polynesia, Maui, Kauai and Big Island. Release: 2014


"The result is an inside look at the stunning beauty of waves."
- CBS Evening News

"One of the most visible and respected water photographers in the world... Clark Little has taken the closeout shorebreak by his home and turned it into high art seen around the world"

"Flawless images of the ocean wrapping around itself in a perfectly hollowed tube"
- Huffington Post

"Stunning images of waves across the globe"
- Outside Magazine

"Featuring more than 160 jaw-dropping pages"
- Daily Mail (UK)

"Stunning wave photos you won't believer are real"
- Reader's Digest

"Deep inside some of the world's most dangerous waves"
- Sierra Magazine

"Clark Little's book, "Shorebreak" features stunning image of the ocean"
- ABC News

"Anyone who love the ocean and its waves, will love this book"
- Vacations & Travel Magazine

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