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White Horses magazine #42 - Cover and Article

White Horses magazine, the top notch surf magazine published in Australia and sold around the world, releases issue #42 (Oct, Nov, Dec 2022) featuring Clark's image "The Wall" on the cover. Very honored to have one of Clark's recent images selected to represent the current issue. On the inside pages, in two sections across 16 pages, there is a Clark Little photo portfolio with writings and details about some of the photos.

If you've never picked up an issue of White Horses, you need to experience this yourself today. If you love the ocean, especially surfing, and are into high quality design, presentation, photography and writingthis magazine is for you. It will change your expectation, and blow your mind, on what a surf magazine can be and should be.

Issue #42 cover and inner page teaser:

White Horses #42 - cover

White Horses #42 - inside page

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