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Best Seller on Amazon Worldwide

The new book Clark Little: The Art of Waves launched worldwide on April 5th and soon hit the top rankings (Best Seller designation) on Amazon book sales in just a few days.

It was exciting to see the book jump up on Amazon US and Amazon stores worldwide. So far this week the book hit #1 Best Seller ranking in various categories including photography, adventure, art and travel on Amazon US, Australia, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden.

Up to today (April 8th), the book has climbing and has reach overall Best Sellers Rankings in the following countries:

  • 250 Best Sellers Rank: Amazon Netherlands (#188 for all books sold)
  • 500 Best Sellers Rank: Amazon Australia (#377 for all books sold)
  • 500 Best Sellers Rank: Amazon Sweden (#450 for all books sold)
  • 750 Best Sellers Rank: Amazon Japan (#733 for all foreign books sold before selling out)
  • 2000 Best Sellers Rank: Amazon Canada (#1305 for all books sold)
  • 2000 Best Sellers Rank: Amazon US (#1935 for all books sold)

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