FREE SHIPPING on US orders $100-$1,000 - Surfer Photographer Captures Power and Beauty of Waves

By Mary Jo DiLonardo | Published April 8, 2022 09:24AM EDT | Fact checked by Haley Mast

Since he first started surfing in Hawaii around age 5, Clark Little has been entranced by the beauty and power of waves. He became known for surfing the Waimea Bay shorebreak where waves often reach heights of 25 feet.

Little became fascinated with capturing his unique perspective by photographing from inside, under a wave’s lip as it is about to crash on the sand. He calls it "photographing from the inside out." Now a well-known wave photographer, his work has appeared in National Geographic and in the Smithsonian Museum and has been the subject of documentaries.

His new book, “Clark Little: The Art of Waves,” includes more than 150 of Little’s photos including breaking waves, marine life in Hawaii, and aerial images. The collection includes a foreword by world surfing champion Kelly Slater and an afterword by Little explaining his techniques.

Little talked to Treehugger about his relationship with waves, his most exciting and daunting moments, and why he thinks hit images resonate with so many fans. The images here are from the new book.

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